Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 2- Keep it Going

Week 2- Keep it Going

Week 2

Week two, I am feeling very good and am extremely excited from my total commitment last week to menu planning, following Weight Watchers and in general caring about what I put in my body. I know so many people come off the holidays with ambition to eat healthy, lose weight, workout, whatever and the running gag is that by February everyone is back on the couch with chips. I do not want that to be me, THAT WILL NOT BE ME.

I will force myself to track and blog and list, whatever it takes to keep going, I know WW works, I just have to stick to it and be honest with myself. Just like that goofy Sandra Bullock movie that always got that quote in my head "it works if you work it, so work it you're worth it". Although I'm fairly certain that is a motto or chant for recovering alcoholics, it's essentially the same idea of valuing self and giving up bad choices/habits, so I will go with it.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili
1/4 of recipe 7pp (about 2 full cups)
I also added some of Annie's cheddar bunnies, because YUM.
I love chili, and I love this recipe, I double it so I can have leftovers. I always use fire roasted diced tomatoes for a little extra zing, pulsing them in my magic bullet just a bit. The only other thing I add is smoked paprika from Trader Joe's. 

BBQ chicken Flat Outs
I didn't have any recipe for tonight's dinner, I just knew I had some chicken to use and wanted to try these new flat out sandwich things that I got. Ended up being DELISH. I took two Flatout "Foldits", some spicy BBQ sauce from Trader Joe's and some broccoli slaw. I mixed it with the chicken and divided it evenly between two warmed up Foldits. This paired with some white cheddar cheese pieces and yummy fruit was a great dinner!

Chipotle Dinner
Tonight my friend is coming over for dinner and we are getting Chipotle, aka my favorite fast food! I am going to get a burrito bowl with barbacoa  meat, brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, salsa and lettuce. With a side of guac and baked blue tortilla chips from Trader Joe's it should be fabulous! Even though its a bit high in points it is well worth it, I will have a smoothie for breakfast and salad for lunch just to even things out.
Sorry forgot to take a picture, but it was something like this:

Image from 

Image from

Image from

Chipotle Leftovers!
I had some grilled chicken that needed to get eaten, and i had a little brown rice and black beans still from Chipotle the night before, so I made some tacos. (If you can't tell I could eat Mexican food everyday). I took some high fiber tortillas and then mixed the chicken, rice, beans, bell peppers and salsa and divided it between the shells, top with FF sour cream. Delicious and filling. 

Tonight I was tired from a long week at work, I wanted to watch some TV I had missed during the week, and the bf didn't fly back from working in CA until 9pm. So I had a dinner that sounded good to, cheese and popcorn, hey it hit some of the major food groups! :)
I had been wanting to try this snack recipe so I finally did:



Woke up well before the BF today who had some jet lag hehe, I made myself some yummy egg beaters omelets in fiber tortillas and headed out to the store to get groceries for the week. I like to shop on a full stomach.

We spent the afternoon running around to hardware stores getting supplies to make pull out drawers for our pantry (I've been dreaming of these for a while now) so my lunch was some fruit and some high fiber crackers, it was an on the go afternoon.

1 Pizza=9pp
Saturday nights were traditionally pizza nights for us...a huge contributing factor to why I am where I am, but I didn't want to completely cut out a food that we really enjoy, instead last week I found a way to make our own version of pizza that is both tasty and smart points wise. We had Flatout Pizzas again, this time I made mine with spinach, garlic, bell peppers and feta. mmm



I made my Pancakes again today, this time I doubled the batch so I could have some left over for the week, and used half whole wheat flour and half buckwheat flour. I also added some tiny frozen blueberries to half the batch.

We are people who like routine and we also love tacos, so we had Sunday night taco dinner again. filling, delicious and whole ingredients, who can really complain. I also made dessert using my new food processor I got for Christmas this year.

Tacos= 18pp

Chocolate Zucchini Brownies 
I froze a bunch of these, partially so I don't eat them all, and partly because I don't want them to spoil before we can eat them all. But they are moist, sweet, and filling. I will totally make these again...Also don't look at my poor job of "lightly dusting" powdered sugar. 


  1. The meals look great! I especially love the mexican yums! I have been craving mexican lots with pregnancy!

    Hope you have a great week! <3

  2. Hi Katie, thanks for the comment. I could probably eat mexican food every day and be content, it covers all the food groups and leaves me feeling full for a long time. Congrats on your pregnancy! better feed that baby some tacos and salsa!