Thursday, February 28, 2013

A dollar make me holler!

Oh yes I did just quote miss Honey Boo Boo chil'.

And yes I do watch that show, and yes, I even like it, they may be a little crazy and whatever, but at least they are real people and honest.


A dollar really would make me holler...I'm having some issues at work and had to have a pretty intense meeting with my boss today. Don't worry I'm not doing anything wrong, in fact the exact opposite. And I have a lot of life choices to make right now, a lot of soul searching and lot to figure out. But that makes for one stressful little girl and when I get stressed I want to eat...The hardest part of the day was when I got home from work and before the bf got home. I wasn't hungry, but I had that URGE to eat, to fill my face and comfort myself with something junky so that I could momentarily avoid the stress and feelings I have from work. I can clearly see how food addiction is akin to alcohol addiction, or really any addiction. You get used to coping with something and then when you are faced with a high stress situation your brain instinctively goes back to that comfort zone. I'm proud to say I sat down with a root beer Zevia, enjoying its subtle sweetness and letting the bubbly water fill my tummy. Moral of the story is, I anticipated my weakness and cut it off with a counter strike. Maybe replacing my snacking desire with drinking a soda isn't the most healthy but it had zero calories and for now, that's all I can ask for. 
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Breakfast today was kiwi passion fruit Greek yogurt, fiber cereal and the rest of my blackberries. The bf finished off the strawberries last night...guess that's what happens when you have to share food with someone  haha.

 For lunch I had a big ol' salad...which I forgot to take a picture of, but it was romaine, spinach, feta, bacon bits, and these two jewels, my fat free croutons that are just like their regular friends only less points, and this super yummy sort of sweet and savory Trader Joe dressing, Champagne Pear Vinaigrette. YUUUM

Afternoon snack was this Luna Fiber bar and some grapes.

For dinner we had some sliced up steak, green beans, yellow bell peppers and cheddar mashed potatoes, I know it might not seem like a super healthy meal, but it was all only 9pp. WIN

Then in the evening I had lots of points left so I had two snacks, well three really. Apple and PB, Whole Wheat Goldfish and Dulce de Leche sugar free pudding. I love having little snacks, makes me feel kinda like I'm not on a "diet", like I'm on a sustainable healthy eating lifestyle change thing. yeah

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear coworkers:

Stop it!!!!
It's really lovely that you like to bake cakes and cookies and muffins and pies and brown sugar spicy pretzels that are basically like crack...but STOP
ok really, I need to tell myself stop it, stop looking, stop being tempted. I am good at resisting any baked goods, I can convince myself that I shouldn't have any, but last week I sabotaged myself with these pretzels that someone makes, with butter, brown sugar and cayenne pepper, spicy and sweet, easy to say "oh i will just have a handful"....Three cups later...whoopsy daisy
Well Tuesdays are my busy days, so I knew I was in back to back meetings all morning and I had to plan carefully, I brought all my healthy foods I would need, and low and behold in the break room: HUGE BASKET OF SPICY PRETZELS...I looked at them...and thought, "I am strong enough not to need any of those today" and I just knew it was true, I wouldn't convince myself to have even one! YAY I did it :) I know I shouldn't be mad at co-workers who like to bake and then share their goodies, but I sort of feel annoyed that the workplace becomes a danger zone with sugary fatty treats nearly every day, I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels tempted and wishes those weren't there in everyone's face. I don't understand why this happens but I am glad I can find willpower when I need it. 
Do your co-workers do this? How do you feel about it?

Breakfast- Gotta use up berries while they are fresh because they don't last long, especially in the winter in MN. This is my go to 5pp breakfast. Today I had black cherry Greek yogurt.

Lunch was leftover tater tot hot dish I made last week. I didn't follow the traditional style though, I used ground turkey, mixed frozen veggies, fat free cream of chicken soup and sweet potato tater tots. I added some salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and baked for a good 40 minutes at 375. I LOVED said next time no no meat? Guess everyone has their own preference, his is dishes with beef.
This is 7pp serving.

Afternoon snack is a honey crisp apple and some Trader Joe's turkey jerky for 2pp.

I had a good plan for dinner, then it started to get weird. I had this recipe starters garlic sauce from Progresso, I pictured pasta with chicken and veggies...well I hardly had any chicken left (bf was pleased) and the grilled mixed veggies I had included potatoes...I did not know this! So I cooked them up, sauteed some brocolli with garlic, and had pasta and chicken on the side all for 10pp. Filling, strange, but good.

In the evening I often crave something with chocolate, something warm, melty, filling and chocoaltely. Like a tub of Sweet Martha state fair cookies...but just not a tub of cookies. So I make what I like to call "choco taco". I know it's not really a choco taco, those are like this:

Image retrieved from: Here

I take a low calorie high fiber tortilla (like Mission carb balance whole wheat tortillas) and a TBS of semi sweet mini chocolate chips, microwave for 20 seconds- NO MORE- and fold in half! voila! melty, chocolatey, warm, and filling. I had two for 5pp. When I'm feeling dangerous I spread a small amount of peanut butter on there too, but I wasn't feeling too dangerous last night :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just put one foot... front of the other! and soon you'll be walkin' out the doooooooor!!!!

Anyone remember this movie?? I'm not sure why it really stuck with me, but I love when young Kris Kringle gets the Winter Warlock to try to be happy, and then spring comes...or something I guess it's been a long time since I've seen this movie, but the message I remember is that if you have a positive attitude combined with steps in the right direction (even baby steps) you can make a change in yourself and the world around you. OOOHHHH so deep for a Monday. 

Anyways, this is what I have convinced myself. If  I make baby steps down the right path, it's better than none steps and a cold bitter heart. :D

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Breakfast, my new fave of greek yogurt, berries and fiber cereal, this time it was Blood Orange flavored yogurt. 5pp

Lunch was some leftover Chicken and Dumpling Soup I had made last week, this was super yummy, filling and the bf approved, although to my surprise he requested more veggies next time and less chicken. 6pp a serving.

Afternoon snack (mostly to keep me from binge eating when I get home from work) was some really wonderful grapes and 2oz. of white cheddar cheese. 2pp


For dinner I made Black Bean Enchiladas with only minor variations on the recipe. But basically use whatever rice and beans and veggies you have on hand. High fiber tortillas, with some salsa mixed with either sour cream or greek yogurt and topped with cheese. Spicy, filling, and only 5PP per enchilada. 

Here is before the oven:

Here is after all gooey and yummy on my plate: 

And for my evening snack I tried this new Fit popcorn I found at Walmart. 3pp for a big ol' bowl. I know that I could just make popcorn, but sometimes I like things simple, and tonight was one of those nights.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I hide from my problems

So clearly I have not posted anything on here for a while because I fell of the points wagon. Not to say that I binged or anything just that I got so frustrated not seeing any results that I just stopped writing things down and stopped posting things on here. I kept reading my favorite blogs, and they still post even on their bad weeks. It reminded me that I don't have to hide when I make mistakes or get discouraged, I don't have to be perfect. I also think that posting once a week is hard for me because I have to constantly be recording and saving stuff every day but not posting it. I think I will be more accountable if I try to record daily, at least that is my new goal. Also, even if I don't see results, I'm going to push myself to keep doing it, because I know Weight Watchers works, and I know that eating healthy will be better than eating crappy even if I don't always see the scale move down.
So here goes.

Sunday 2/24/13
I woke up Sunday morning before the bf so I decided to have a yummy breakfast and watch last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy without any distraction. I had this filling 5PP greek yogurt with blackberries and fiber one cereal. 

Then when I was dressed and motivated I went out to Target to pick up a few grocery items and then to Goodwill to see if I could find any treasures. I was hungry and didn't want to feel starving while I was out so in the middle of my shopping trip I enjoyed a Luna fiber bar for 3pp. SO good!

When I got home, I started a load of laundry and made a turkey sandwich with white cheddar cheese, had my new favorite Kettle brand baked chips and a balsamic side salad. All for 8pp.

After about five loads of laundry, playing with the brown dogs outside, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, and starting the chili for dinner, I needed an energizing snack. Mmmm Jazz apple!
For dinner I made the bf's family chili recipe, it is so flavorful, a little spicy and totally hit the spot. 6pp of chili plus my guilty pleasure, 4pp of goldfish on top.

Before bed I still had points left and needed something sweet, I picked up some nice looking strawberries from Target so I cut them up and mixed with a sugar free chocolate and vanilla pudding and some chocolate Fiber one cereal. 4pp dessert, yes please!
I did it, I stuck with it the whole day, didn't give in to any temptations and I tracked everything. It may  not seem like a big deal but for me, I have to celebrate every little victory right now so that I can keep myself motivated and not give up, because I'm really good at giving up.

What little victories do you celebrate?