Thursday, February 28, 2013

A dollar make me holler!

Oh yes I did just quote miss Honey Boo Boo chil'.

And yes I do watch that show, and yes, I even like it, they may be a little crazy and whatever, but at least they are real people and honest.


A dollar really would make me holler...I'm having some issues at work and had to have a pretty intense meeting with my boss today. Don't worry I'm not doing anything wrong, in fact the exact opposite. And I have a lot of life choices to make right now, a lot of soul searching and lot to figure out. But that makes for one stressful little girl and when I get stressed I want to eat...The hardest part of the day was when I got home from work and before the bf got home. I wasn't hungry, but I had that URGE to eat, to fill my face and comfort myself with something junky so that I could momentarily avoid the stress and feelings I have from work. I can clearly see how food addiction is akin to alcohol addiction, or really any addiction. You get used to coping with something and then when you are faced with a high stress situation your brain instinctively goes back to that comfort zone. I'm proud to say I sat down with a root beer Zevia, enjoying its subtle sweetness and letting the bubbly water fill my tummy. Moral of the story is, I anticipated my weakness and cut it off with a counter strike. Maybe replacing my snacking desire with drinking a soda isn't the most healthy but it had zero calories and for now, that's all I can ask for. 
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Breakfast today was kiwi passion fruit Greek yogurt, fiber cereal and the rest of my blackberries. The bf finished off the strawberries last night...guess that's what happens when you have to share food with someone  haha.

 For lunch I had a big ol' salad...which I forgot to take a picture of, but it was romaine, spinach, feta, bacon bits, and these two jewels, my fat free croutons that are just like their regular friends only less points, and this super yummy sort of sweet and savory Trader Joe dressing, Champagne Pear Vinaigrette. YUUUM

Afternoon snack was this Luna Fiber bar and some grapes.

For dinner we had some sliced up steak, green beans, yellow bell peppers and cheddar mashed potatoes, I know it might not seem like a super healthy meal, but it was all only 9pp. WIN

Then in the evening I had lots of points left so I had two snacks, well three really. Apple and PB, Whole Wheat Goldfish and Dulce de Leche sugar free pudding. I love having little snacks, makes me feel kinda like I'm not on a "diet", like I'm on a sustainable healthy eating lifestyle change thing. yeah


  1. All of your food looks so good! Thanks for the comment :)

  2. That quote made me laugh! Looks like a day of good eats!

  3. Everything looks so delicious! Love it:)