Friday, March 1, 2013

Tired = Hungry

Today I am what I call a "hungry bear"'s because I'm so tired, I walk around in my tired daze and all my animal instincts can think of is getting food in my body to give me energy. Why am I so tired you ask? Well the bf had a last minute flight for work and his alarm was going off around 3:45am...After that, sleep is kinda half in half out, sort of back to dreaming, sort of feeling awake and hearing him get ready...Needless to say by the time my alarm went off I felt like a college freshmen after a night of crappy vodka drinks and jello know when your head feels kinda hollow and light, like maybe your brain isn't in there anymore, and your tummy feels weird and your muscles are tired for no reason at all. Yeah that was me. 

But I held my chin high and hoped getting to work would make things better...until I got my invite to the "February Birthday celebration with cupcakes"....seriously?! Well I did what any strong points-counting temptation resisting girl would do. I fled the for real...I left the office, had to run an errand and then worked from home for the afternoon. I'm strong but not that strong. Peer pressure people "hey come on, lets go get a cupcake, lets celebrate birthdays, lets get a sugar high". NOPE
In your face cupcake!

 Breakfast. I decided to switch things up a bit from my greek yogurt obsession (and I was totally out of fresh berries) so I made a protein smoothie for 2pp. It involves frozen fruit, today mango, pineapple and blueberries and protein powder from Trader Joes.

 Lunch was leftover Chili for 5pp plus crushed up baked blue chips from Trader Joes and carrots

Since I was home alone for dinner I decided to use some of this carving board pulled pork I got, because the bf isn't a huge fan of pork and I really wanted to try it. I made buffalo pork tacos with corn, feta cheese and romaine on top. It was very filling and very yummy. 
Image retrieved from Here

Later in the evening I wanted some dessert and we got a few varieties of the Smart Ones desserts, I like ice cream but the bf LOVES ice cream, so luckily these aren't a trigger food for me. I can have one and it's the perfect amount. I forgot to snap a picture but this is what it looks like.
Image retrieved from Here

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