Monday, March 18, 2013

Why Painting is a Workout

Good Monday morning! Is it snowing and blowing freezing air where you are? If not, consider yourself lucky, because here in MN the cold white stuff is relentless.

I did not post once this weekend, I was really itching to update but truth be told I was working my tail off to get the whole main floor of my house painted. Last weekend I (and a friend) painted the upstairs hallways, which was a breeze compared to what I did all by my lonesome this weekend.

By the way, if you are ever looking for a good workout, PAINT, if a friend asks you to help paint- do it!

Why is painting an extreme workout? I will tell you:

1.) Painting involves lots and lots of movement, you can't sit in one place and paint your house..(unless you are watching hired painters do it), you are constantly standing, reaching, climbing, squatting, sitting (briefly), bending over, carrying heavy buckets of paint...well you get the idea

2.) painting involves bending and stretching like a crazy yoga master- up on ladders reaching my crazy high ceilings, above fireplaces bending and twisting not to rub the part that's already been painted while trying to get the furthest back corner, I was a serious contortionist this weekend

3.) Painting involves arms and legs at all times, your arms are either slowly dragging the brush to paint the trim without going on the ceiling, quickly pushing the roller up and down, or helping stabilize you on the crazy high ladder you are sure will be the cause of your death
Example A:

4.) Painting your house does not involve stopping- sure there was an occasional potty break or snack break, but mostly you can't just do a little painting and then be done, you must finish the project, if a wall is half painted you have to keep painting the whole wall so you are painting wet paint into wet paint, its like a law of  gravity or something...also, you just want to be done SO BADLY that you are driven to keep going, like that sweet little engine that could, only you aren't delivering toys, you are making ugly white walls look modern and warm :)

5.) Painting seems fun but then you are sore, tired and can't take anymore- this is probably the most like a workout ever, you start out thinking that something will be fun and you will be glad you did it, until you start sweating and your muscles ache and you are tired and don't want to do it anymore but you can't quit. Then the next day you get up and do it again until you can literally feel every part of your body ache and then  you can stop. Until the following weekend when you are going to paint the kitchen....

If any of this sounds familiar to you then you have probably painted before...if should try it some time. Here is one of the tall walls I painted this weekend, and you can see the upstairs color from last weekend.

Here are other things that happened over the weekend:

I ran the first day of week 2 of my C25K, which switches to 90 seconds and 2 min intervals, this lowered my distance but it for sure up'ed the difficulty of the workout.

I also went shopping for new running shoes, I didn't realize how sad and worn out my old shoes are, and how much fun it is to shop for new ones, they are all so cute! Here are some of the shoes I liked but didn't buy, because I actually found a pair online and it should be here tomorrow!!!

And here are some things I ate.

Mid-day snack break from painting

Egg white and feta wraps for a protein filled painting fuel breakfast

I tried this new flavor of Chobani bite- coffee with dark chocolate...honestly I'm not a huge fan, coffee and yogurt flavor together was a little strange...

How was your weekend? Did you get in any good workouts? Eat any new healthy treats? Did you paint?! Did you shop? Wow I sound like a interrogator, I swear I'm not trying to stalk you...or am I?


  1. Hell ya painting is a workout! The bf and I have been redoing the house for years (DIY = never ending). Our kitchen/dining room is huge and when we painted the whole thing in one day I could barely move my arms the next day. My shoulders were so sore!

    1. Owning a home does seem like a never ending list of "to dos" doesn't it? As much work as it is though I am totally proud of what we've done and I'm sure you are too, when you can look around and notice how much better your hard work has made your home. I thought maybe I was just totally out of shape at first, but it really does use your muscles! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. House cleaning is a good workout too! I did that yesterday, scrubbed my floors and what a workout!
    Glad you had a good weekend!

    1. Katie- you're totally right, cleaning is a great workout! sadly that's one workout I don't do as often as I should :X haha I love vacuuming and that's about it. Happy Monday!

  3. Looks like you had a productive weekend! Much more productive than mine! Let me know of any of the other chobani yogurts taste good!

    1. As much hard work as it was, I felt really good getting something so big accomplished! So far all the Chobanis have been good except coffee/chocolate and vanilla :)