Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trader Joe's Extravaganza

So Friday afternoon I knew I was going to be near my Trader Joe's store, it had been a while since I had been and a few of my staples that I can only get there were out. It was definitely time to hit up TJ's and score some awesome food finds! I maybe shop there once every other month or so, maybe more depending on if I am in the area because it's not entirely convenient. Just like every time I go there, I have my few staple items on my list, and then I end up finding a MILLION things I want that I've never even seen there before, and I go crazy like a kid in a toy store and I suddenly MUST HAVE ALL THE THINGS. I stop looking at prices, I stop thinking about if I even need the item, I just must have it. Trader Joe's probably has crack air freshener or something. Oh and once I bring all my unnecessary  items home, I have this urge that I must try them all, luckily, I was able to control myself, but I really wanted to rip open every package and nibble every item. 
Anyways I thought I'd share with you my great finds that I've never seen there before.

I love guacamole, like LOVE, and I've seen guacamole hummus before, which I feel makes it a little healthier in a protein kind of way, but still high in fats (albeit good ones) and calories. Well here I found guacamole with greek yogurt! It has better stats than regular guacamole, I'm hoping it won't taste totally weird. 

Here we have chicken patties, I am a sucker for precooked and pre-portioned meat items for when the bf is traveling it makes it a lot easier for me to cook healthy for one when I don't have to deal with raw meat or large quantities. These are 5 Points Plus each. 

I have bought this before but I sometimes forget about it, this baked tofu has a really great flavor and texture, better than regular cooked tofu in my opinion and plus I stink at cooking tofu. This is nice it's portioned into two squares and I can cut it up for salads or stir fry. Each square (they are larger than they appear) is 4 Points Plus. 

 I totally got sucked into the packaging on these muffins, Protein Power, c'mon who doesn't want muffins with a weird circus guy on them?! I had to have them, banana chocolate chunk muffins for 3 Points Plus each, they are good too, not dry or flaky but moist and rich. Yum

Another meatless find for me, Beef-less strips, I have never seen these before but they look right up my alley, again for meals when the bf is not around and I am looking for some easy protein options. These are 3 Points Plus for a serving. 

This was my jewel of a salad that I was going to scarf down when I got home, I was beyond hungry (probably why I bought so much) and I was really excited for this salad. The little couscous was so light and fresh, I've never had currant before they were really yummy and the sweet basil dressing was delish. I tossed this salad in with a bunch more spinach and some romaine for a huge salad, it was 8 Points Plus for the whole thing. 

This dressing was sitting next to my beloved Champagne Pear Vinaigrette dressing in the refrigerated section, I don't know if I liked it more for its spring green color or the bright orange sticker "AT ALL TIMES" 
..."but what about when I'm bringing it home?"
 "AT ALL TIMES!!" haha (I ammuse myself)
and bonus is that it's only 1 Point Plus for 2 whole tablespoons, that is a win for dressing.

This was a sort of fail for me, I thought I was buying some kale chips...didn't read the packaging until I got home...well here's hoping seaweed isn't totally nasty. It's only 1 Point Plus so I won't be breaking the bank if I hate it.

These tricked me because they are so brightly colored and festive, I had to have them, I don't even know what they are! Popsicle?  Icee? not sure!! but I bought them anyway and they are 2 Points Plus, we shall see when I open the box what I find. I mean what does "fruit floe" even mean?!

A kid food that I wanted to have for myself, "little dried fruit snacks" too stinkin' adorable, I had to have them. They are 2 Points Plus a pouch, probably a nice little afternoon snack at work or something. 

Nothing about these sounds bad: chocolate chip, brownie, oat bar..I think so!! they are 3 Points Plus

So those were all of my finds that were NOT on my list! 
Whoopsie..guess I was a little too hungry to shop, but I think I got some good products and I'm really looking forward to trying them and seeing if they get added to my staples list from TJ's. 

Do you shop at Trader Joe's? 

What do you like to get there?


  1. I'm the odd gal out with respect to TJ's. I don't *dislike* it, but I've never found much there to impress me either. Well, there were those dark chocolate caramels that time...

    I think if I were more of a foodie type, I'd probably enjoy the exploration more. As it is, I'm mostly overwhelmed by the prices. :) But I'm glad YOU had fun!

    1. Dark chocolate caramels sound amazing! I get what you mean, it can be hit or miss for me, sometimes I go and nothing really sounds good, and yes the prices DO detract, but sometimes I get in a retail therapy sort of mood and just want to try things :)

  2. Those seaweed snacks are THE BEST! I highly recommend the original kind, but there's a wasabi-flavored version too if you want a serious kick! Can't wait to hear your reviews of the other goods.

    I absolutely LOVE TJs. Some of my favorites: the palak paneer frozen entree (it's really rich and satisfying for 9PP I believe, the reduced guilt mac & cheese, the vegetable chips (I'm convinced the stick ones taste like french fries), and the egg white salad (I hate celery, and there's a lot in here, but it's really delicious once I pick it out... and very little PP!).

    1. Oh I'm glad to hear that it's not really strange to eat seaweed, my bf was laughing at me for buying it so I got all nervous. I haven't seen the mac & cheese or the vegetable chips but now I need to go back and find them!! The one sad thing is that their products come and go, I used to get plantain chips which were crunchy and low points and they stopped carrying them and that was such a bummer!