Monday, March 4, 2013

It's French for DONUT

So Sunday Funday? My bf HATES that phrase, so I try to sneak it in at least once every Sunday :D I'm really nice like that.

Today we were meeting family and friends for brunch at this fancy pantsy restaurant, which I prepped for by looking at the menu ahead of time and picking out my really healthy option that I definitely did NOT order.
To start though, every table gets a plate of beignets, which I thought might be like some fancy breads, or crackers, or something, I'd heard the word but was not totally sure what it meant. I certainly did not think it meant DELICIOUS LOOKING DONUTS COVERED IN POWDERED SUGAR!!!

They looked like this (I forgot to take a picture)
Image retrieved from Here

By the time the plate was passed my way I had mustered up some resistance from down deep inside and said "no thank you", and my family said things like "why not, just have one" or "c'mon try it" or "you seriously don't just want to try one"...thanks guys
no I do, but thanks!

Then I spent some time looking at the menu, and for some reason found out that their burgers were served on pretzel buns.. OH MAN... I love me a pretzel bun, but I knew I didn't want or need a hamburger. Soooo when in came time to order, instead of my pre-planned egg whites, toast and bacon, I decided on their "veggie" burger. Which essentially was a portabella mushroom with veggies on a pretzel bun. But I actually don't like mushrooms so I asked for it without the 'shroom. Which garnered strange looks from the fancy pants waitress but I didn't care. I wanted my pretzel bun with red peppers, lettuce, onion, avocado and fancy cheese please and thank you. Oh and a side of sweet potato fries. I knoooow I should have stuck to my guns on the egg whites, but I did not. What's hard about eating out is that I have to guesstimate points values. I had my fancy brunch, then ate no snacks the rest of the day, but we were invited to dinner at the bf's parent's house. Which meant big ol' bean and beef burritos and chips and fresh salsa. Well...guess Sunday doesn't feel so funday anymore. While I really have no idea how many points I ate in my two meals, I'm just glad I had only my single serving of food and had no snacks or other foods in between. I'm reaching here but I'm trying to find the positive ok?!

I woke up a few hours before we were going to brunch so I decided to tide myself over with a big juice bowl of fruit!

Here is my fancy fake burger, which was really just veggies on a pretzel bun. Missing from this photo were my sweet potato fries which came out really late, guess fancy restaurants forget things too.

And here are the massive burritos from dinner, I only consumed one of these puppies.

Here's to looking forward to my Monday back to my comfortable routine in which I can easily track points.

Have you ever planned on your food order before you go to a restaurant only to get there and pick something totally different?


  1. I actually do not eat out that much & many times sit with people or bring my own protein & eat veggies or a sweet potato.. just me & have been at this for too many years to count! :)

    As for pushy people on the food.. I started way back when just saying no & the family & friends got used to it. I bring my own food many times & again, they take no offense cause they are used to it.... Ya got to train them! This is about you & nobody else so always so what is right for you & don't let anyone sabotage your efforts! :)

    Thx for stopping by my place today!

    1. You are totally right, I need to remember that my goals are about me and my family loves me so they will understand when I need to remind them how their comments and choices affect me. Thanks!

  2. LOVE big bowls of fresh fruit!! Happy week to you girl!!

    1. Having a snow day today! Big bowls of fruit tend to let me pretend I am somewhere tropical and not the snowy tundra!!