Friday, March 8, 2013

Visiting an Old Friend

So I've been getting frustrated at my lack of progress this time around on Weight Watchers, I'm not sure if it's the new Points Plus system, if my body is just different now, or if I need to just mix things up. The first time I did WW in 2008 I lost 17lbs the first month, that was extremely motivating and really got me on the right track, granted I was a bit larger back then, but still, I expected to see at least SOME results this time. So, I decided that I couldn't make any more excuses and it was time to visit an old friend.
Mr. Treadmill. I have done two C25K programs in the past and really enjoyed them, I loved starting at a safe and comfortable pace, one that I felt I could actually do, and then slowly ramp it up and see results. The problem is I end up missing a few runs, or a week, and then I get back on and feel like I lost a huge amount of progress, and I get mad at myself and stop. The last time I was on this bad boy was January, so I had to dust if off a bit! I use a chest strap and watch to monitor my heart rate and get somewhat accurate measurement of calories burned and time in zone, etc. So I'm in the basement, starting This C25K program, however I usually like to watch a good tv show while I run to distract me, (so even though it starts at only 30minutes, I end up doing 40-45 minutes). I turned on SMASH from this week, I start my workout. Then about 25 minutes into it, BAM my treadmill just turns off! I grabbed the bars so I didn't fall and I was so confused, it started turning back is less than a year old so I don't know what happened, but at that point I had lost all my distance and my time and I was so bummed, I wanted to just stop and go upstairs, but instead I talked myself into just walking a five minute cool down, but a couple minutes into it I talked myself into just finishing the workout even though I wouldn't know my actual distance. So I did it! 40 minutes later I finished my workout, I estimate that I went about two miles based on my pace and I felt really good :) sometimes I forget that working out is like a happy drug. I am going to keep on this happy wave and use it to workout again today.

For Breakfast I had my greek yogurt, fruit and cereal.

Lunch was leftover tater tot hotdish with ground turkey and sweet potato tots

Afternoon snack of dark chocolate sugar free pudding and a banana

For dinner I made our favorite Black Bean Enchiladas, but I usually make them with jarred store bought salsa, and my bf is sort of a salsa snob because his mom makes THE BEST fresh salsa ever. So he decided he wanted to try them with her salsa, over the weekend we asked her to make a big batch for us and we have been seriously enjoying that salsa and it made these even more amazing!

 You can see some of my enchilada guts spilled out, but that's ok they still tasted yummy!

When it was time for bed I went to lay down and there was this awful huge spider on my pillow!! but it was actually just an evil fuzz from my down comforter that likes to look like a spider, these have been tricking me a lot lately, I am not amused.


  1. Good for you for staying on the treadmill and finishing your work out!

    Your enchiladas look amazing - I do love Mexican food.

    Too funny about he fuzzy spider look alike!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I am a sucker for Mexican food, we probably eat it at least twice a week at our house. :) Happy Monday