Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm Not a Loser

What I mean is that I'm not a loser of weight. 
After this last week of being dedicated to tracking points and eating mindfully I didn't lose even a tenth of a pound. There were two times I did not know 100% my points but budgeted as much as possible and also had my weekly flex points. I guess I don't know if those affected my lack of any loss.
I'm feeling a bit discouraged because I thought I planned as best I could for my splurges and they made me feel like I could still be a little normal and not totally deprived. But I guess the only thing I can do is keep going and know that although I may not see a drop on the scale I didn't see a gain! And I feel good, I ate healthy and I can keep trying and going forward.

But not without challenges, I came in to work yesterday to find not just one cake in the lunch room, but FOUR!
Not a crumb passed these lips though!

I also want to say one of my favorite blogs Tippy Toe Diet  has this cool feature called "Rock stars of the Week" and yours truly was featured last week! I've never felt more support from the online community than I did from this. :) feeling like people out there understand my challenges really really helps me keep going.

Breakfast was strawberry goji greek yogurt with berries, this week I have added raspberries to my mix. 

Lunch was a romaine salad with bell peppers, feta, bacon bits, fat free croutons and my favorite champagne pear vinaigrette.

Afternoon snack of turkey jerky and a banana

For dinner I tried a new recipe from Emily Bites, it was so good! Baked Pizza Spaghetti not only sounds weird but it certainly doesn't sound like a Weight Watchers recipe. But 1/6th of the recipe was 12 Points Plus and it was filling and delicious! The only change I made was to add red and green bell peppers.

Here is before the oven


and on my plate ready for me to eat!

Apple snack annnnd then time for bed!


  1. Of course you're a loser!! Haven't you ever had a week where you ate like crap and still had a loss at weigh in? This is just the flipside of that. You'll have a loss next week - just don't eat a bunch of mexican food the night before your weigh in (don't ask me how I know this. ahem). :)

    1. Aw thanks for the comment, I keep telling myself at least there was no gain, since i've had weeks like those too and those hurt even more. Mexican food?! sounds wonderful hahaha ;) thanks for stopping by

  2. You rockstarness just keeps going! It's soooo disappointing to see a lack of results when you're sure you've done the right things, but good for YOU for seeing that the victory is in what YOU did, not what the SCALE did! I'm just beaming! (both for your victory and for that spaghetti thing. :))

    Better luck next weigh-in, but you've got the rest of it nailed.

    1. I like your point about the what the scale did...maybe i need a new scale! lol
      yes that spaghetti dish was good, a little carb heavy, next time less noodles, but i've never baked pasta before, it really changes it, yum!

  3. Baked pizza spaghetti, I will have to try that one!

    1. Hi Katie-
      It's totally worth the try, especially if you love pizza like I do, my only tip that I plan to do next time I make it is to add more veggies and less noodles, that way its a bit healthier and more filling without too many carbs :) Have a good friday!