Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 2=Done

Happy Friday!!

The bf comes home from his work trip today I'm pretty excited to see him :) I think we both enjoy getting some time apart but it makes it even better when we get to see each other again and spend time together..aww how mushy

Yesterday I kicked my own butt back in gear and decided to be all Jillian Michaels on myself, I was not letting myself be weak yesterday. I wasn't totally feeling energetic after work when it was time for my run but I was like "get on that treadmill and run your heart out!" plus I was motivated because I bribed myself to workout by getting to watch last week's episode of Once Upon a Time while I did it- I'm in love with that show! I completed Day 3 of Week 2 of my C25K Program, joining in on Katie  and Kim's link up party- and it went well! My heart rate was a little bit higher than it was on Monday but maybe that's because I was a bit more tired or sluggish from eating snacks the day before, or because there were two days in between workouts? Also, it was my first run with my new shoes...I have to say they kind of hurt, I don't remember my first pair of Asics hurting when I got them but that was a long long time ago. I didn't get any blisters but my ankle sort of hurt and the bottom of my foot hurt, they just didn't feel *good*...maybe I need to get use to them? Or maybe I need to return them and try something else? I don't know enough about this! I'm nervous for Week 3 but also excited, starting it Saturday.

For lunch I took a yummy new soup I found and poured it over this yummy brown rice and quinoa mix I have, added some green pepper and voila! Insta-lunch. This lunch was 10 Weight Watchers Points Plus- a little high for what I like my lunches to be but very filling.

For dinner I knew I had to make good choices or I would fall onto the snack-binge train again. I recently got these instant sweet mashed potatoes- and I don't need the lecture on eating processed foods since I already know it, but I liked the ease and convenience of them. I also bought these spicy green beans from Target, paired with grilled chicken and I was full and totally satisfied by my dinner yay!!! No bad snacking! I also think that working out right after work helped me not to want snacks and bad food and also I was busy during my most snacky time. Dinner was 9 WW PP.


Did you make some good food choices yesterday? 
Did you do any working out? 
Can you help me understand how new running shoes should feel and if they need a "break in" period or if I have the wrong shoes for my feet?



  1. Love the new shoes! Much pretty than mine! :) When I got my new shoes, I went to a running store and had them measure my feet, watch me walk, and then try on shoes. I also got inserts (I have plantar fascitits). My feet did hurt for about a week. The guy from the store told me to work them in a few hours at a time. (Maybe more because of the inserts than the shoes). For a few days I was wondering if I made a bad choice. Now (3 weeks later), I wear them all day every day and I have no pain in my foot.

    I am also doing the C25K. Tomorrow I finish week 6. (It's taken me about 9 weeks to get here).

    1. I have heard about these running stores where they analyze what type of shoe would be best for you, did it cost money for them to do that? I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who's new shoes hurt, maybe I will give them some more time and see if they start to feel better- thanks for the advice!
      Wow congrats on being at week 6 already!!! I'm so impressed, who cares how long it takes, its that you are actually doing it :)

  2. I've bought my Asics from 2 different running stores (one was Fleet Feet, which is national), and both places had means for evaluating your stride/step. No cost. And Fleet Feet is great about helping diagnose problems with your shoes. I had to return a pair because they started slipping on my heel shortly after wearing them. The clerk showed me a different way to lace them that helped but didn't fix it completely, so she suggested I exchange the shoes for a different pair which did work. (The lace pattern the clerk showed me is here:

    As for processed food, I generally try to avoid it these days, but in the past it was helpful in keeping me on track until I was ready to move to the next step. So no lectures from me! :)

    1. Someone else mentioned this foot analysis thing too, that they can look at the way you run and how your feet hit and find a good shoe- I'm totally curious! Thanks for the lacing tip, i never knew that could affect how the shoe feels, I just threw my laces in and started wearing them!