Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Ahead? I'd Rather Not

Anyone else wake up on Sunday feeling like a little something had been taken from them? Well your feeling is right, that little something is an HOUR of your life! Thanks a lot Daylight Savings Time...

So, my personal goal has been to update my blog daily..then why perhaps was there no update yesterday? Good question, I was selecting my photos on my phone, to email to myself and instead of hitting the email icon I hit the delete icon...waah waah. I know there is some technical way to retrieve them but I wasn't really feeling like being technical, so I just let it go. You didn't miss much, except date night with the bf to Chili's where I got a black bean burger and had about 1/3 of the portion of sweet potato fries. YUM.
Friday night consisted of a romantic visit to the Home Depot to buy 10 gallons of paint for my house, a project I've been planning and prepping for a while now. Saturday I was having a friend over to help paint just the upstairs, I like to take projects a reasonable part at a time :) By the way, painting is a hardcore workout, at least it is for me, I have sore muscles in my arms, legs and my back. I was climbing ladders and squatting and up and down stairs, I can definitely feel the burn after two days of painting. And I still have at least two if not three weekends of painting ahead of me. OY! Did you do anything productive this weekend? Did you do anything that didn't seem like a workout but really was? I call those "hidden workouts". I think they are the best kind because usually you are doing something productive or enjoyable and the workout is just an added bonus.

Other exciting things were a smoothie with this new fresh fruit blend from target. Super good and very filling.

Egg white breakfast tacos with fresh salsa

annnd Chipotle Dinner!!!! 

See you Monday!

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