Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Tale of Two Foods

Welcome to Wednesday! 

Last night I was getting very exited to go out to dinner with my close friend that I've known since middle school. I love spending time with her because we always have a million things to talk about, she totally gets me, and I end up having so much fun and laughing the whole time we are together, she just recharges my battery. With our busy lives we don't get to see each other as often as we used to, but frankly that doesn't even make a difference because the second we are together we are spurting out old inside jokes, being goofy and having a blast. 

I knew we were going to eat dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that I don't get to go to often because the bf isn't a huge fan. It's called Khans and it is a Mongolian barbecue place. I'm a really bad blogger because I was so caught up in talking with my friend that I totally forgot to take any pictures! Guess I'll have to go back again soon. But basically they have a salad bar style set-up and you fill your bowl with all the different fresh cut up veggies you want, any protein you want and they also have a couple kinds of noodles. Then you put some cooking sauces on it, garlic and seasonings and you bring it to a large round cook top and the cooks stir fry it right before your eyes! I love this place you can pile high the veggies and protein and get a huge healthy plate of goodness. Before I went I wanted to decide if I would get the chicken or the tofu in my stir fry, but honestly didn't know which would be the "better" choice.

Then I found This Site. And I put in my two options, voila! instant comparison. Neat huh? This way I can clearly see that they are nearly the same in calories, with the fried tofu being a bit higher, but the tofu has almost 11 carbs! which in Weight Watchers Points Plus lingo, that means higher points. It also has higher fat and lower protein. So overall, the chicken is the better choice for me. If the tofu hadn't been fried there it might have been a closer call but I think anything fried is gonna have higher fat. 

But isn't that site pretty neat, you can compare any two things you want. Like here is cheddar cheese vs. feta cheese. I have really started to like feta cheese, you can use a lot less for just as much flavor but I never really knew if it was much different than cheddar because I ate different serving sizes. Well here, 100g of each kind feta has about 3/4 the calories, it does have more carbs and less protein which are downsides  but it also has less fat. So really I think it just helps to look at the food in the big picture, whats is important to you? calories? carbs? fat? protein? everyone has different needs to make their body healthy but with cool website tools like this I feel like I can make more informed decisions about what I choose to eat. 
What foods would you want to compare?

I also had a couple non-scale victories I was proud of:
1.) Tracked all my points and stayed with my daily points range for the whole last week
2.) Resisted the donuts, giant muffins and basket of pretzels at a meeting for work this week (even though I sat RIGHT next to the donut table and smelled those evil little pastries for an hour and a half)
3.) Made informed decisions when getting food at a restaurant and only got a plate of veggies and chicken, did not have the appetizer or any noodles

What are your non-scale victories you are proud of?


  1. this is something that I am going to have to check out!

    I would like to compare white rice with white pasta... I already know which is better for me but I want to see the differences.

    A NSV for me this week is staying on points yesterday. I am not losing any weight though! I have been at a standstill for 2 weeks! Ah! But I am just doing to keep trying to stick to points and exercise!

    Have a great Wednesday!


    1. I am in your same boat! no weight loss either...better than no gain I supposed but I know I had amazing success with the original WW so its frustrating not to see the scale move for sure. Great job on staying on points though, holding yourself accountable and mindfully eating :)
      p.s. I tried to add your blog to my google reader and it defaults to "Food Family and Faith" a blog that cannot be found? not sure why that is happening!