Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Wednesday was not my day. 

I am going to sum it up in three events: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. You might ask, "if there was good, how was it not your day?" Well I will tell you, the Good was not nearly big enough or good enough to outweigh the bad + the ugly. That's why.
Here it is...

The Good
Last time I got my hair cut and colored naturally blonde, my stylist curled my hair for me, not like Shirley Temple or grandma perms, but like Carrie Underwood sexy waves. And I love it, and the bf loved it and now I want my hair like that ALL THE TIME. But I'm impatient and I don't like spending a long time curling it with a curling iron, I tried the round brush thing- epic fail, so I decided to try something old school and get hot rollers. I used to use them as a kid in plays and for big events but they were always kinda silly and difficult to use. Well new technology has made hot rollers easier to use, more effective and maybe a  little cooler? Well I used these new hot rollers from Sally Beauty- look instead of weird little pins they have clips and you know what is on the inside of those clips? little metal plates that also get hot and heat your hair from the outside oooOOoooH Magical!

And I still had nice waves even when I got home from work. YAY

The Bad
I had to switch my running days this week from Wednesday to Thursday, so last night instead of coming home from work and running, I came home from work and sat, I watched TV, and snacked...I had  a lot of points left because I had planned to workout and I like to eat some high points high protein foods after I workout. I wasn't really feeling eating a dinner meal, nothing sounded good, I didn't want to cook anything, so instead I ate random snacks and foods all evening, until I realized I had gone over my points and felt really stupid. I was just in a daze of eating snacks, maybe I was bored, maybe I was cranky from earlier (you will see why in The Ugly) but I snacked...that was bad.I have no picture of this because I hid the evidence. But trust me, it happened. It wasn't SO  SO bad, it was just a little bad, but mostly it was just dumb, like why do I want to eat goldfish crackers and raisins and apple and english muffin and Luna bar instead of a regular dinner? I don't know! So here are my two motivational Pinterest pins for the day

Image retrieved from Here

Image Retrieved from Here

The Ugly
The worst part of my day happened before I had compeltely left my house. If you know me, you know I am really bad at parking in garages...probably because most of my adult life as a driver has been parking on streets and driveways, the life of a college kid. So now I am a homeowner (for two years) and I still suck at garages, plus I have a big vehicle and the bf has a huge truck and its HARD OK. So on my way out of the garage yesterday I was going slowly like usually so I don't hit the door, and from what I could see in the dark, my mirror was on the inside of the door frame, so I pushed the gas to keep backing out...only I had been wrong. It was not on the inside...CRAAAAACCCK...thats the sound your mirror makes as you watch it being smashed on the garage door frame while you back out of the garage. I have no one to blame but myself...

Bf can't fix it until the weekend, if we can fix it and not have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to bring it somewhere  So in the meanwhile I decided to be all craft and use a handy dandy hair binder to fix it :) YAY ME- looks nice right? Don't look at all the dirt, it's street winter grime from living in MN.

I hope you had only good in your day yesterday! 


  1. Good Morning!

    Just know that all of these things that you think are BAD and UGLY happened. They are in the past. They aren't going to come back again. So all we can do from the past is learn from it and move on... On the first day of school I ran into someones Caddy and knocked off their mirror. I was Furious! But I learned now to make sure I watch the road more carefully and am soooo cautious when I drive near parked cars.

    Your hair looks GORG. (sorry, love to abbreviate!) Ah! My hair NEVER curls. Teach me how!!

    Have a great day!


    1. I LURVE abbrevs, they are totes perf. :) You have a great perspective on this, I can tell you I will ALWAYS be aware when backing out of my garage now and that will never happen again. Thanks for the compliment, air dried hair (mines already wavy/frizzy)then these magic hot rollers, that's it!

  2. Love your hair! I bought hot rollers a couple years back and they did nothing for my hair. Maybe this new kind will work!

    1. most store bought hot rollers are sad, i've never been too impressed with their results, but i saw a blog that showed how a girl bought these and uses them and i thought i'd spring for them (kinda spendy for my taste) and see how professional grade ones work, I really like them so far! and I'm not standing around with a curling iron all morning

  3. Love your curls! I used to have some steam-type curlers that made all the difference in the world in a curl that held all day.

    Sorry about the mirror. Those things happen. With luck, you and/or your hubby can fix it!

    1. Steam curlers?! I'm totally intrigued by that, I love anything that makes my hair look like I put effort into it without actually having to put much effort into it :)

  4. love the hair so cute! Sorry you had a shitty day and cracked off your mirror! Lol Get back on track with your eating today. One day of going over your points wont hurt!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by! With everyone's positive supportive comments I totally geared myself in the right direction and stayed on track yesterday :) Happy Friday!