Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crock Pots of Doom

Saturdays are the best days ever. I wake up before the bf, eat breakfast and drink my coffee while relaxing. I did some menu planning from my Pinterest Meal Planning Board and made up a grocery list. Did my shopping at Super Target, which was eerily quiet for 11am on a Saturday morning- but hey I'm not gonna complain about that!
One of my exciting finds that I have been wanting for quite some time was mini casserole dishes. Sometimes I like to make meals but the bf prefers more starches and veggies and I prefer an even balance of starch, veggie and meat. This way we can have the same dinner just the way we like it!

 In the evening I was going to a co-workers 50th birthday party. I knew it was at someone's house so the food options would be limited so I planned ahead and left a lot of points for the evening. I was unaware I would be faced with the crockpot trio of DOOM! Meatballs, little weenies and queso dip. Oh the delicious simmering meat products and ooey gooey cheesy dip, I had some...and I'm not ashamed, I sampled some of everything, without going overboard. Even though it wasn't very healthy and the only veggie involved was carrots, I got to feel like a normal person and know that I don't eat like that every day.

For breakfast I mixed 1TBS of PB2 with a Chobani bite, pineapple and caramel greek yogurt. It made a yummy peanut butter, caramel fruit dip for my apple. Paired with a side of toast with Earth Balance it was filling and delicious. 

At lunchtime I made Annie's white cheddar shells with frozen peas. Comfort food for sure! At only 8pp though I didn't feel too bad about it, and it kept me pretty full all afternoon.

And here is my plate of shame  food from the party. Oh and my beer too..hey a girl's gotta have fun once in a while!

How do you handle parties with these kinds of food options? Resist everything? Sample in moderation? Or go all out and really enjoy eating everything there is?

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