Thursday, March 14, 2013

People Who Run

So I need some help and advice from people who run, I have some questions and I don't feel like Googling them, I just want someone who's smarter than me about running to help me. 

I started this Couch to 5K program last week, I've done running stuff before, but I've never ever considered myself a "runner". I've never had proper running technique, I've never done any races, I'm just a person who uses a treadmill to try  not to gain any more weight. But now I have gone and convinced my friend that we should sign up for a real life 5K at the end of April. I'm not sure you heard me...THE END OF APRIL. That's like not very far away. So I'm having to stop being a baby about this whole running thing and totally do it for realz. So here are my questions.

1.) I have had my running/workout shoes for like almost 3 years. I don't use them every day of course, but that's a good long time. They don't hurt me, they aren't falling apart, but internet tells me I need new running shoes every 6 months! Is this true life? Do I really need to drop $50+ every 6 months if I'm not a hardcore marathon runner?
How do you know when it's time to get new shoes?

2.) I have pain! in my shoulder when I run, it's not like I hurt my shoulder and now it hurts when I run, its like INSIDE my shoulder, like cramping kind of or when you get a stitch in your side, except it's in my shoulder...Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

3.) Heart rate monitors: I have a chest strap with a watch and it took my gender, age, height and weight and now it tracks my heart rate when I run (which I assume is pretty accurate), the time I'm in my "zone" and how long my workout is...but it also tells me how many calories I burned...but my treadmill that doesn't know me from Jill also tracks my calories and they are VERY DIFFERENT. I assume the watch is more accurate because I told it all my secrets but is it really accurate? Did I really just burn 500 calories in an hour? or is it tricking me to think I'm making a difference? 

SO PLEASE HELP ME people who run...or tell people you know who run and are smart to help me. K Thanks.

Also, this is what I did yesterday...that's pretty much almost 3 miles there...yes I walked a portion of that, but still..I was gonna just push to 3.0 miles but I thought I'd save that treat for myself another day.

And I also ate this stuff:

Yogurt, fruit and Fiber One Chocolate squares

Shredded chicken, refried beans and a cut up red bell pepper.

Pre-workout snack: Apple and PB

Dinner, I found this whole wheat gnocchi and made it with Trader Joe's veggie meatballs, marinara and some peas. The bf told me gnocchi looked like cat vomit so I made him regular pasta with his. lol Thanks for that mental image...yum. Actually, it was yum.


  1. Hi Robyn--found your blog through someone else's (I think Tippy Toe, does that sound right). Anyway. I've been reading and thought I'd comment. I don't really have answers to your questions, but I thought I'd tell you that you can DEFINITELY do that 5K! I started strong in September 2012, never believing I could do a 5K. I started doing treadmill intervals (walk 1 min, jog 2 min) gradually increasing my speed and time. And I found that my stamina and strength really increased and I did my first 5K in February. BTW, I'm in MN too! 5K sounds like a great goal! Good luck!

    1. Hi Jen- Tippy Toe sounds right! I'm a big fan and it frequent her blog. Thank you for your support of doing a 5K, I'm doing intervals too, I found a weekly program to work my way up. That is great news that you were able to work to a 5K it gives me hope :) I'm guessing you're about as sick of winter then as I am? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Good Morning!

    3 miles is amazing! That is so great! You will SO be ready for a 5k in April! The nerves make me run faster, usually. And, its a great place to just have a benchmark to make goals from!

    Shoes are definitely important when you run. That is what makes the run either comfortable or uncomfortable. The rule I use is every six months or every 200-250 miles walked or ran.

    I also have a HR monitor. It's nice with the newer treadmills because if you wear just the heart rate strap, it will show you your HR on the treadmill too. LOVE THAT. And a mile run by me or someone else of a different size, bigger or smaller, and their HR determines how many calories you burn.

    There is a blogger at and she is at her goal weight of 135ish pounds and talked about when she runs a mile, she knows its about 80 calories but before it was more like 100-150. I know that where I am right now in with my weight, its about 135-150 calories per mile, but that will begin to decrease as I lose weight and become more conditioned, meaning that my HR will decrease and I will be more used to running.

    Hope this helps!


    1. Hey Madalyn, I'm hoping too that since I've done C25Ks in the past but never the actual 5K, that signing up for one will give me that added motivation I need. :) Thanks for your confidence in me!
      I guess I have no idea how many miles i have on my shoes! but maybe now is a good time go start shopping so I don't have new shoes right before the race.
      I love 'runs for cookies', how did you figure your calories burned per mile? through your chest strap stats?
      Thanks for the comments running is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be!

  3. Go to a running store and get fitted according to your gait. And don't get new shoes right before the race! I get new shoes about every 5-6 months. But I don't run a lot right now. When I was running a lot more miles I got shoes every few months.