Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Shoes!!!!

Firstly, thank you to those who offered me advice and support yesterday, the  positive thoughts sent my way really helped and gave me that little boost to keep my chin up and not give in as easily this time. 

Also, yesterday I got my new shoes!!! I'm so so excited, I hope I love them as much as my first pair of Asics because those were the best shoes I've ever had, I didn't have to "break them in", I never got a blister, they were amazing. Annnnd drumroll please, here are the new girls (added bonus the sales support Breast Cancer Research)

They are so bright pink it *almost* makes my eyes hurt, and I love it! They came with silly black satin laces so I had to go swipe some real laces from my old softball cleats in order to use them. Since it was my "off" day from my C25K program I decided to just test them out on the elliptical, I just did an easy 30 minute workout to get myself moving and see how they felt. So far so good but tonight when I do day 3 of week 2 on the treadmill will be the real test if they are worthy. 

I got a new cereal to go in my breakfast bowl, this time it is the 80 calories Honey Squares, I like it a lot, it pairs nicely with the yogurt and fruit, not as strong a flavor as the chocolate. 

I was at home for lunch because I needed to bring the bf to the airport, so I whipped us up some black bean quesadillas, which was a couple tablespoons of these black beans with lime, chopped up green peppers and a tablespoon of reduced fat colby jack cheese, dipped in salsa. YUM

For dinner I was still craving protein, not sure why, so I made a salad and an egg white sandwich, I actually made a bunch of these 3 Point Plus breakfast sandwiches and froze them for future mornings when I'm not feeling the fruit/yogurt thing.

How was your Tuesday? 
What kind of running/workout shoes do you like? 


  1. Those shoes are beautiful! I really need to buy some since I'm starting on my weight loss journey. Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting on A Spectacled Owl :)

  2. So cute! I usually wear Asics but this time, I ended up with Saucony shoes. Nice, but they're not Asics. :)

    I eat a lot of lentil taco/quesadillas and lately I've noticed a craving for more protein later in the evening. If it happens tonight, I'm going to try a little cottage cheese/pineapple "sundae" for my evening snack.

    1. I don't know much about running shoes, someone just told me Asics were good one time and so I stick with that, luckily they worked out. That sounds like a really yummy evening snack! I might have to try that too!!

  3. Ah girl! I have the same pair except the black on yours is white on mine. Which reminds me that I need to pick up a new pair of kicks this week. My old Asics just aren't doing it anymore!

    1. They really are amazing shoes, you should browse online, many stores offer better prices online and you can get free shipping and discount codes, that's what I did since I knew the size and style i liked.