Saturday, March 2, 2013

Plans fall through

My co-workers and I were planning to go to lunch on Friday, so I did not pack a lunch. And I'm the kind of girl who likes to pack and plan and prepare for everything so I know I won't have any surprises (ask me how well this usually works out lol) Well I DOUBLE checked with everyone that we were going to go out. Guess what?!  yeah lunch was cancelled. My one co-worker who initiated the whole thing wasn't even coming in, my other co-worker still had a lunch from the day before in the fridge, and I had nothing. I don't like that feeling. I was busy at work so I decided instead of going out to get something by myself I would just order Jimmy Johns for lunch. Not ideal. I mildly enjoy their sandwiches but I GREATLY enjoy their Thinny Chips. So it all worked out in the end, but I spent more points on lunch then I would have preferred, especially for a Friday.
I guess you can't plan for everything.
Oh well, TGIF

Breakfast, yummy smoothie using my Aria vanilla protein powder and Trader Joe's mixed berries and cherries.

My vegetarian sandwich from JJ with extra lettuce, it felt like it was a lettuce sandwich, but it was still good after I stuffed some crunchy thinny chips in there.

For dinner I made Flat Out Pizzas, one with turkey pepperoni and the other with some of that pulled pork from the other day and red bell peppers. YUM

One treat that got me through the day was this diet Ginger Ale. I try to limit my soda, especially diet soda, but some days you just need something special.

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