Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Doing Stuff All Day is Hard

And by stuff, I mean house projects- specifically PAINTING.
Yes, the saga continues, weekend three of painting. I was so tempted to take a weekend off, my body takes all five weekdays to stop being sore and then BAM I make all the muscles hurt again. I wanted to just take it easy, but the bf decided to let me know that his friend whom he hasn't seen in a while wanted to come over and see our place for the first time next week...UM I guess that means my break will have to wait because I don't want people seeing a half painted house! So here's why doing stuff all day is hard- specifically when it comes to healthy eating. Here is how the day breaks down:

  • 9:00am wake up and have coffee, banana and protein muffin
  • Start taping and prepping
  • 11:30am I am kinda hungry already, must be all the moving around so I grab a Luna bar because it's quick and I don't time to stop
  • Start painting
  • 2:00pm I'm hungry!! but I 'm in the middle of painting and need to do something quick- ok well trying this new guacamole will be quick and at least give me some energy- now BACK TO PAINTING
  • then I finish painting the house, I must put my kitchen back together, I am moving my stove across my living room and kitchen back to its place, I'm moving my fridge back into it's place, I'm up and down ladders, sweeping, cleaning, scrubbing, I'm a crazy woman because all I want is to be DONE painting and have  my house back together and OMG now it's 8:00pm!!!
  • 8:30pm I am so so so way too hungry, I've had a total of 11 of my 34 points and usually at this time I'm about done eating for the day...So I quick throw together some tacos because heck they are easy and filling and I don't have time to think
  • 9:00pm I'm eating my tacos, sitting down for the first time in 12 hours

Do you see how doing stuff all day is hard? Well for me it is because I get so involved in my project that I don't want to stop and eat a real meal, I don't stop to cut up fruit and veggies or drink a lot of water I just kind of go. I didn't go over my points, and I did a lot of physical activity, but for sure not great to eat most of your points at 9pm at night. EEK
Here is the finished product- the left is before we moved into the house, the right is now.

Also, here is the guacamole I tried from my Trader Joe's Extravaganza, and it is AMAZING! Especially with their baked Blue Chips.

Here are my quick tacos:

I also tried this Cowboy Caviar from Trader Joe's,  it's corn, black bean and pepper salsa. REALLY GOOD, not as good as the guacamole, because hey, guacamole is awesome, but this stuff is spicy and fresh tasting.

In other weekend news, I ran Saturday morning, day 1 of  week 3 of my C25K and my puppy layed so nicely waiting for me to finish

Saturday night, the bf, got tickets to go see a comedian named Bill Burr downtown, we went with his brother and his girlfriend.

We were going to eat at a restaurant next to the theater called Rock Bottom Brewery- I knew in advance I wanted to eat something yummy so I saved up my points AND I looked at their menu, planning out three different options in case my tastes changed, I ended up getting their homemade veggie burger plain with a side of onion rings, for 24 points. It was the majority of my daily points but it was very good and worth it.

How was your weekend? 
Did you do stuff?


  1. Love, love, LOVE the bottles on top of your cabinets! Are they just like a mix of random green bottles or do they have a story? I also want to point out that your long day was worth it, the paint makes such a huge difference! Love it!

    1. Aw thanks! Every single bottle is a thrift store find, I found one randomly a few years ago and fell in love, then I had a weird green glass obsession and knew they had to go up there (plus it's way easier than REAL decorating above cabinets) thanks for the kind words :) painting really makes it feel like a home now

  2. Your new kitchen is GORGEOUS! We painted our home, well the downstairs, over the winter and it took forever. We have those tray ceilings so we had to tape around crown molding and by me I mean my husband. Isn't he great!

    It sounds like your weekend was productive. The burger and 0-rings look amazing! I am currently only eating 16 ppts today to save up for 1/2 dozen bbq wings tonight for dinner! So excited!


    1. oh I can't even imagine taping around the ceilings- taping is my LEAST favorite part and having to do it on the ceiling would be even worse!! oh and wings sound so delish right now! sometimes saving up for something really makes it that much more worth it!

  3. I am loving the new paint color! It looks so much better! :)

    Those TJ's blue corn tortilla chips look fabulous. Chips with guac and salsa are one of my favorite snacks!

    1. thanks! the standard boring cream color that the bank painted on every wall in my house was really starting to bother me. yes chips with guac/salsa is such a great snack, and not one i feel too guilty about either...unless I eat the whole bag of chips haha

  4. Kitchen looks awesome!! I LOVE that color!! I hate painting for the record, and I have had those days, where I am just so distracted by stuff that I forget to eat then eat a crap ton at night!! Good for you for running, and ALL of that food looked unbelievable!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, painting is one of those things that sounds fun, until you actually do it, then you want to cry for ever thinking of doing it in the first place! I suppose as long as I stay within my daily range for eating and don't eat like that every day it can't be SO bad right? ah well

  5. LOVE your paint color!

    When I paint or get involved in other projects, I either prepare my food ahead of time OR (more likely) give myself permission to drive-thru Wendy's for an apple-pecan chicken salad. If I can get the paint off my face. :)

    1. It seems so common sense I can't believe I didn't really think ahead for that! I plan ahead for my work meals I guess I should have really thought and planned my day for the painting weekend too! Although I do love that apple chicken salad, it is SO delicious! :) paint on your face is a badge of honor!