Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear coworkers:

Stop it!!!!
It's really lovely that you like to bake cakes and cookies and muffins and pies and brown sugar spicy pretzels that are basically like crack...but STOP
ok really, I need to tell myself stop it, stop looking, stop being tempted. I am good at resisting any baked goods, I can convince myself that I shouldn't have any, but last week I sabotaged myself with these pretzels that someone makes, with butter, brown sugar and cayenne pepper, spicy and sweet, easy to say "oh i will just have a handful"....Three cups later...whoopsy daisy
Well Tuesdays are my busy days, so I knew I was in back to back meetings all morning and I had to plan carefully, I brought all my healthy foods I would need, and low and behold in the break room: HUGE BASKET OF SPICY PRETZELS...I looked at them...and thought, "I am strong enough not to need any of those today" and I just knew it was true, I wouldn't convince myself to have even one! YAY I did it :) I know I shouldn't be mad at co-workers who like to bake and then share their goodies, but I sort of feel annoyed that the workplace becomes a danger zone with sugary fatty treats nearly every day, I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels tempted and wishes those weren't there in everyone's face. I don't understand why this happens but I am glad I can find willpower when I need it. 
Do your co-workers do this? How do you feel about it?

Breakfast- Gotta use up berries while they are fresh because they don't last long, especially in the winter in MN. This is my go to 5pp breakfast. Today I had black cherry Greek yogurt.

Lunch was leftover tater tot hot dish I made last week. I didn't follow the traditional style though, I used ground turkey, mixed frozen veggies, fat free cream of chicken soup and sweet potato tater tots. I added some salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and baked for a good 40 minutes at 375. I LOVED said next time no no meat? Guess everyone has their own preference, his is dishes with beef.
This is 7pp serving.

Afternoon snack is a honey crisp apple and some Trader Joe's turkey jerky for 2pp.

I had a good plan for dinner, then it started to get weird. I had this recipe starters garlic sauce from Progresso, I pictured pasta with chicken and veggies...well I hardly had any chicken left (bf was pleased) and the grilled mixed veggies I had included potatoes...I did not know this! So I cooked them up, sauteed some brocolli with garlic, and had pasta and chicken on the side all for 10pp. Filling, strange, but good.

In the evening I often crave something with chocolate, something warm, melty, filling and chocoaltely. Like a tub of Sweet Martha state fair cookies...but just not a tub of cookies. So I make what I like to call "choco taco". I know it's not really a choco taco, those are like this:

Image retrieved from: Here

I take a low calorie high fiber tortilla (like Mission carb balance whole wheat tortillas) and a TBS of semi sweet mini chocolate chips, microwave for 20 seconds- NO MORE- and fold in half! voila! melty, chocolatey, warm, and filling. I had two for 5pp. When I'm feeling dangerous I spread a small amount of peanut butter on there too, but I wasn't feeling too dangerous last night :)


  1. I know how you feel--this happened in my last job when someone new joined our group. Here is what I wished I would have done: I would have fought back by bringing healthy snacks in.

    1. Melinda- yes our company thinks we should have pizza parties for every occasion, I sit at the table with my co-workers and eat my's hard but it definitely makes me feel stronger.

  2. Good for you for withstanding the pretzel attack! I don't work in an office anymore but when I did, it was sometimes hard to see the decadent treats in the break room. Like you, I just made sure I had a healthier substitute on hand.

    Now I've got to go see if I've got any tortilla wraps in the fridge. If not, I'll have some tomorrow for sure. :)

    1. Having a healthier option totally keeps me focused, especially if it is something I really love like an apple or carrots and hummus. Yes, I don't know what I would do without those little fiber tortillas, I can't get enough!