Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just put one foot...

...in front of the other! and soon you'll be walkin' out the doooooooor!!!!

Anyone remember this movie?? I'm not sure why it really stuck with me, but I love when young Kris Kringle gets the Winter Warlock to try to be happy, and then spring comes...or something I guess it's been a long time since I've seen this movie, but the message I remember is that if you have a positive attitude combined with steps in the right direction (even baby steps) you can make a change in yourself and the world around you. OOOHHHH so deep for a Monday. 

Anyways, this is what I have convinced myself. If  I make baby steps down the right path, it's better than none steps and a cold bitter heart. :D

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Breakfast, my new fave of greek yogurt, berries and fiber cereal, this time it was Blood Orange flavored yogurt. 5pp

Lunch was some leftover Chicken and Dumpling Soup I had made last week, this was super yummy, filling and the bf approved, although to my surprise he requested more veggies next time and less chicken. 6pp a serving.

Afternoon snack (mostly to keep me from binge eating when I get home from work) was some really wonderful grapes and 2oz. of white cheddar cheese. 2pp


For dinner I made Black Bean Enchiladas with only minor variations on the recipe. But basically use whatever rice and beans and veggies you have on hand. High fiber tortillas, with some salsa mixed with either sour cream or greek yogurt and topped with cheese. Spicy, filling, and only 5PP per enchilada. 

Here is before the oven:

Here is after all gooey and yummy on my plate: 

And for my evening snack I tried this new Fit popcorn I found at Walmart. 3pp for a big ol' bowl. I know that I could just make popcorn, but sometimes I like things simple, and tonight was one of those nights.

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