Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 3- Making it Routine

Week 3- Making it Routine

Week 3

Week three already and it is starting to fell easier to track, count, budget and eat according to the points system and not the "I eat whatever I want" system. I am feeling a lot better, I don't ever have that guilty feeling for binge eating and I don't have that icky full feeling from eating too much. My second official weigh in is Tuesday of this week, the first week I lost 2lbs, which is WW standard 1-2lb a week loss, so we shall see what this second week did for me. The first time I did WW, albeit I was a bit heavier, I lost 17lbs in the first month. I'm not hoping for those kind of results but I'm still hoping for something to boost my spirits and help keep me going. Results really make a difference in reminding you why you are doing this, everyone has weeks where they don't lose, or even gain a bit, and those are the hardest to keep going because you wonder why even bother with all this work if it's not even going to produce results. But sticking to it is what eventually makes the difference. 

Tonight I needed to make something quick and filling because I was headed to a concert and the bf was headed to the airport. I decided on pasta with red sauce, one of our faves! I make regular meatballs for him and veg meatballs for me from Trader Joe's. You cant really see my meat balls though because they kind of fell apart when the sauce started to boil- oops! I also made a side of peas for some green.

This weekend I picked up a bottle of Frank's hot sauce, I've never had it before but I love buffalo sauce on wings and the commercial for Frank's makes me laugh...plus its low on points and high on flavor. I was excited to make myself some buffalo chicken wraps (yes I eat tortillas a lot...) with cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, cheese, and ff ranch dressing. YUM

As much as I wanted more buffalo flavored food, or tacos, I knew I should probably add some variety to my meals. Tonight I decided to try black bean spaghetti noodles I had picked up at the co-op a while back. I figured a spicy peanut sauce would be the best flavor for these so I started with THIS RECIPE for PB2 peanut sauce, and based on what I had in my house, made my own version. I did not have coconut milk so I used water, I also did not have any spicy chili sauce so I used red pepper flakes. I cooked up the noodles, sauteed some veggies and after a sprinkling of sesame seeds I had a filling and delicious 10 point dinner.

After my workout tonight I wanted something for dinner that was filling, high in protein..and easy. So I remembered seeing Hungry Girl's Egg Pizza Recipe once and thought that might be a good idea. But I expanded it a little and made it more filling, but adding a crust of high fiber tortillas (what else), spinach and green peppers for veggies, then topped with pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and some freshly shredded white cheddar cheese. I had two little egg pizzas and they were very filling, high in protein AND easy. I WIN

Before going under the broiler:


Tonight the bf and I decided we should get some Chipotle, my favorite "fast food" mmmm

7pp per pizza
Tonight was our standard pizza night on flatouts, I had one with cheese, spinach and peppers and another with turkey pepperoni and peppers. For dessert I made Baked Apple Pie Egg Rolls, although mine were not as pretty as hers...they were yummy!



I have been working on perfecting my pancake recipe, this week I added some vanilla protein powder, PB2 and half whole wheat flour, half buckwheat flour. I am really starting to enjoy these pancakes and they are so filling. They freeze well and I can eat them during the week...however the bf thinks they are nasty...oh well.

Dinner tonight was our taco night! I even made fresh pico de gallo, it is soooo much better than regular. I just combine tomato, red onion, jalapeno, cilantro, garlic, lime and salt. Eaten with black bean chips it is fabulous!

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