Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm a Train and I'm Back on Track

Oh holidays, how I love thee and also despise thee...

Easter was not so bad for me, I got in two workouts over the weekend and other than my two Easter meals, didn't do any snacking or anything. But because I gave my leash some slack, it was harder than I thought to reign myself back in. Monday there were treats at work and also Easter basket candy that I let myself have. Tuesday was similar, it wasn't until yesterday that I was able to 100% pull myself back in and eat completely within my points. That kind of annoys me but I'm also glad that it was only two days of silliness. Yesterday I was really good with fruit and yogurt breakfast, veggies and leftover Easter ham for lunch

 I had a banana for afternoon snack and then this amazing dinner I made. Ya'll know I'm a sucker for things in tortillas, especially my high fiber tortillas. I wanted to try these new chicken burgers I got from Trader Joe's. 

But I didn't want to just put it in a bun and call it a day, plus I didn't even have any buns! So I decided to use it for chicken tacos. I heated it up in a pan then sliced it for three tacos in my favorite shells that I warmed up in the microwave.

I cut up some green peppers and lettuce, with a little bit of feta tossed on and my delicious Trader Joe's spicy BBQ sauce 

I had a wonderful 10 Points Plus dinner. (sorry for the blurry picture- I forgot to turn my flash on!)

Did you loosen your reigns over Easter? Did you have any trouble pulling yourself back in? After I give myself a little permission to eat out of my norm I'm like a naughty toddler who doesn't want to get back into my routine. But now I am back on track, like a train ready to move full speed ahead.

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  1. Wow, girl - that wrap looks SO yummy!

    It's Fresh Friday if you want to link-up :)