Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Birthday

Hey everybody, I'm officially one year older! I share my birthday with the much loved, margarita and taco celebration known as Cinco de Mayo. (I know this is an actual holiday for some and has real meaning, but unfortunately for my family and friends it simply is an excuse for drinks and guacamole)

I had a wonderful birthday weekend. 

It started Saturday morning with breakfast with one of my best friends who moved to Iowa over a year ago. She was up near me with her bf this weekend and we all went out for breakfast at a yummy place called Keys Cafe. My birthday is the 5th and hers is the 10th so it was sort of a double birthday get together. I had an egg white omelet with spinach and bacon. Lol I had to get the bacon! It came with a side of super yummy toast and freshly made jam. 

I spent the rest of the day cleaning house, running errands and doing last minute projects around the house to prepare for my family coming over to party on Sunday.

 In the late morning, the bf called me out into the garage with a surprise present!! He got me a super duper fancy radio for my car and installed it for me :) It can play Pandora and XM radio through my phone, I can also make and receive phone calls through the radio without having to hold my cell phone. It can do GPS, it can tell me local weather and traffic, I feel like it could probably straighten my hair and paint my nails too it is so darn fancy. I love it, and I love that the bf put it in for me and did all that work :) Oh and he also got me a new lunch bag for work because the big brown dog decided to rip mine apart last week. 

I am a really bad blogger because I took zero pictures at my party, I was so caught up in hosting everyone, giving tours of my house and making sure everyone was having fun that I failed at any picture taking. I have none pictures of the food: chicken and beef tacos,  chips and freshly made salsa (a gift from the bf's mother who makes AMAZING salsa), freshly made guacamole by yours truly, and refried beans. I took zero pictures of the wonderful margaritas and zero pictures of my family having fun and enjoying the fact that it FINALLY stopped raining and snowing just in time for my party and it was downright pleasant outside. I FAIL

BUT I did take a picture in my birthday hat!

Overall it was a fantastic birthday :) I'm just going to pretend that it doesn't have to mean I'm one year older though, yuck.

Did you drink any margaritas? Did you have any chips and salsa?
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! 


  1. Belated happy birthday wishes! It looks like it was an awesome day! (I'm kind of jealous of your birthday gift--the radio, not the lunch bag, even though I'm sure the bag is nice.:) )

    1. Thanks! It was a fab day :) the radio is so much fun, who knew music could be exciting again!

  2. happy birthday! i totally forgot it was cinco de mayo this weekend and only realized it after reading everyone's post about how hammered they got LOL

    1. Thanks! Luckily I can NEVER forget cinco de mayo, plus I love tacos and margaritas so its a great excuse :) ahah maybe you need to belated celebrate it by getting hammered next weekend!!