Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Can Motivate ME

The other night I found myself using my old laptop, it stays up in my office most of the time now because it is big and heavy and gets really hot on my lap #firstworldproblems... I KNOW but still I prefer my tablet for surfing in the living room and general entertainment. But anyways I was on my old laptop which stores my multitudes of old pictures and decided to go back and look at some photos from when I was at my heaviest and then when I was at my lightest...both were EXTREMELY motivating for me, to see myself at how bad I let my weight get, and then to see how hard I worked to lose so much weight and then to realize how I'm standing in a middle ground now, and I have two options. Let myself go back to how large and unhealthy I was (not really an option) or work hard, take control and get back down to where I worked to be, where I felt good, where I was happy and where I was healthy. So I made a couple before/after shots to look at and hopefully I can use my own images to motivate myself and to inspire myself when I'm feeling down. I have decided that I'm brave enough to post some of these so here is one for today. The picture on the left was taken at a family reunion probably around  2007. I basically wore Old Navy ribbed tanks every day thinking they would hide my body (they didn't) and black cotton gaucho pants with elastic waists, thinking they were flattering (they weren't). The picture on the right is from summer of 2009 I went camping with my family. It's just amazing for me to see how a ribbed tank looks so different on a 260+ lb body vs 160 lb body. 
                                                 BEFORE                               AFTER

So I worked from home this morning and used two of my favorite products to make an egg white sandwich. All Whites for 0 points plus and Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, 1/2 a serving is 1 points plus. 

For lunch I took some leftover pasta and sauce and mixed it with red peppers and peas. 8 points plus

My afternoon snack was an apple with greek yogurt fruit dip (greek yogurt and PB2)

After work the bf wanted to go look at a snow plow someone had for sale (boys and their toys) so I decided to be a nice gf and go with. It was almost 7pm when we were done and I was a HUNGRY BEAR. So we stopped at Potbelly and got sandwiches. I had a lot of points left for the day so this was acceptable for me. I get the Mediterranean which has hummus, red peppers, cucumbers and feta then I add chicken. With a side of baked kettle chips I was pleased.

Nighttime sweet treat with my remaining 4 points, ice cream!


  1. Hey girl I am visiting from the link up! All of your food looked amazing!! Good for you for deciding to go the healthy route. Its awesome that you kept those pictures around so you know where you do and do not want to be!! Good job!!

    1. Hey Ashlee thanks for stopping by! Yes those pictures are a very quick and visual reminder to me, I'm hoping I can soon make some more "after" shots I can be proud of :)

  2. Hi Robyn! I'm stopping over from the linkup and I'm so glad to "meet" you! You're so right about your pictures; they are motivating to you but also to us! Looking forward to following your journey :)

    1. Hi Jenn! thanks for your comment :) nice to meet you too, it's been really fun for me starting out to get to know people in this community, it is much larger and so much more supportive than I knew. Thanks for your sweet comment, I would feel so blessed if anything I was able to do helped motivate someone else too.